5 Ways to Earn Money from WhatsApp without Investment

Social media platforms have emerged as an earning source for many. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other platform they offer some or the other way to you to earn your livelihood. So here we are with an article about how to earn money from WhatsApp. The success rate is high because we are addicted to it.

The first thing we check after waking up is our mobile phone for important calls or messages followed by social media accounts. Most of us are so addicted to it that we have to post a morning selfie or a status on a regular basis. It is a compulsory part of our morning routine. We cannot even imagine a world without social media.


How to Earn Money from WhatsApp For Free

Unlike Facebook or YouTube, WhatsApp doesn’t offer a direct way of earning money but you can go for the indirect methods. It is time we can start earning from the platform that we are using regularly just for chit chat. Know the various methods in detail through this article.


Short-Links High Earnings

You read it right. The short links can help you in earning more money. These days articles or videos get viral in just a few hours.

So if you come across content or video that you think will go viral or interest more number of people then shorten its URL. All you have to do is register on URL-shortening websites like ShrinkEarn.com or Linkvertise.

After that, look for news or videos that are interesting and people will definitely click on them. Go to your account on the URL-shortening websites and shorten the link and share it with your contacts.

For each click, you will earn a certain amount of money. The key to success is your content. You have to research and find the best content to expand your reach.


Affiliate Links

Another interesting way of earning money through WhatsApp is through affiliate links. Here, we want clicks from legit customers who are actually interested in buying a product. Use your knowledge about fashion, makeup, clothing, or any other genre to earn money.

Register on an affiliate site like Amazon and choose the product you wish to sell. Create an affiliate link to that product. Now, use your personal contacts or start interacting with people who are interested in your products.

Once you gain some confidence and you get to know they are buyers share the link with a short text. If they click on the link and buy something you will get a commission for selling the product from Amazon.


Pay Per Download Networks

Just like shortened links, there are websites for pay per download norms. Here, you have to target an audience that has more patience. First, register on websites like Uplod.org and upload the images, videos, audio files or games. Now, share the link with your contacts on WhatsApp. When the user clicks on the link he or she will be shown an ad or requested to complete a survey.

After that, the content will be downloaded. Increase your contact list for pay per download network only then you can earn more money. Segregate contacts based on their interest like games, music, video, or funny quotes.

In this way, you will earn more money by targeting the actual people who will download your content.


Earn Via Referrals for Applications

Earning via referrals is something we have across at some point in time but never gave much importance. Now is the time to realize its true value.

Search on Google for applications that offer credits for referring to friends. In most, cases the payment is received using PAYPAL so make sure you have an account on PAYPAL.

Download the application on your android or iPhone and look for the reference option. Refer or invite them using WhatsApp. Make sure to share your code so that the credit for downloading the application goes to you.

When they download the application you get credit instantly. Ask them to further share it with their friends. The more people download it, the more you can earn.


Use WhatsApp as a Traffic Source

Suppose you start your own blog on fashion. You are using the right keywords but still not ranking on Google then how are you going to earn money? It’s crucial for you to find ways to drive traffic to your blog and one of them could be WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has an engaging audience. People usually click on the link sent to them to see what’s inside. You can use this curiosity of people for your gain. Just create a group for interaction with a different set of people and eventually share your blog post on the group. Make sure you write a short summary describing how informative the article is.

For the first post, 90% of the members will click on your post and redirected it to your website. If your content is actually informative your audience will retain and the next posts will get a positive response too. It is an efficient way of driving traffic to your blog without paying anything.



We know you have been using WhatsApp for years now. And you are looking for learning new and efficient ways of earning money. WhatsApp can clearly be one of the easiest modes of earning for anybody. If you are talented then you will definitely succeed in earning a lot of money through it without any investment.

The websites or applications already do the job for you so you don’t have to learn the technical aspects of it. If you know someone who wants to know how to earn money without investment through WhatsApp then do share this article with him or her.

Try to shorten links, use affiliate links, and other interesting methods of earning more. Once you try these methods do share your feedback with us. We would like to know how this article has helped you to earn money from WhatsApp. Also, if you know some other way of earning through WhatsApp then do share it with us. We will add that to this article so that more and more people get to earn money in simpler ways.