6 Striking differences Between Blogger and WordPress?

Does the blogging field seem interesting to you? Do you have the capability to run a blog but don’t know which platform to choose? Is it difficult to make a choice between WordPress and Blogger? All these questions will be answered with a clear comparison. After going through this article, you will come to know about various benefits of these platforms that otherwise beginners are not aware of. Before beginning with blogging, complete research about the platforms is definitely a great move. Before getting into the differences between Blogger and WordPress, let’s know them.



WordPress is a Content Management System designed to help you post content online. It provides a base for your website and rest you have to do on your own. We mean to say the website development, hosting and domain name that are crucial in publishing your content online. These things you have to do on your own and it’s beneficial too as you get a chance to invest in things that are best for your blog.



Blogger is a simple platform for you to create your own blog without much hard work. Just register on their website that requires a Google account and start posting right away. From creating a post to adding images, videos, and multiple other options are available for your comfort.


A Detailed Comparison of Blogger and WordPress


All about Access and Control

WordPress is free to access for everyone. You just have to register on the website and once you complete the whole set up the website is totally yours. It does require a third-party hosting service and you have to pay for it based on the package you choose. It is totally up to you how you want to use the site. WordPress also offers user roles customization. So you can restrict a certain set of people to access only certain features.

In the case of Blogger, you are not the owner of your website. It is owned by Google. It is obvious as the service is fully offered by them. The data is stored on their servers and they are free to use it. If you feel free to share your content with ownership of Google then use Blogger as a platform to start blogging.


The Look and Feel Options

In WordPress, you get access to thousands of themes with complete details and a dummy representation. The themes are both free and premium. Also, the themes are available for different genres like fashion, beauty, shopping, food, and more. You can either look for themes on WordPress’s website or directly check them through the themes section in your logged-in account.

Blogger, on the other hand, is a completely different platform. You won’t have tons of theme options to change the appearance. The ones that are available are also basic and used by thousands of users. All in all, Blogger is a platform for those who are looking for a simple outlook of their blog.


What About Portability

In the case of WordPress, you can move your website from one host to another. In fact, the domain name can be changed. You must know about the whole process so that you don’t lose any data. The chances of losing your SEO related advantages are low.

In the case of Blogger, the process of moving your website to another platform is not an easy task. The reasons are obvious. The platform is already providing you with all the services that will need to start your own blog so it doesn’t want to lose you in the first place. That’s why Google has designed the whole process of portability in a complicated manner. The SEO of your site will have to suffer if you plan to shift to another platform.


The question of Cost

With WordPress the registration, creating the blog, posting content, and other services are absolutely free. The real spending starts with hosting and domain purchase. Both tasks require some form of investment. After that, if you want a paid theme to make your website’s overall design appealing you can go for it. In this way, there are various services you can choose according to your convenience and budget.

In the case of Blogger, the platform is genuinely free. The blog hosting is taken care of by the platform itself. You can use their subdomain to create your own blog. In fact, the themes although limited are free of cost. For those, who are interested in personalizing their domain name there is an option to buy it and you have to pay for it.


Scope of Customization

If you are going to use WordPress the scope of customization is huge. It is open-source software so you easily make changes to it. If you are an expert the third-party integrations will work magically for you. Just think of functionality you are looking for, and there are high chances you will get a plugin in WordPress to do the same. In fact, you can take the help of developers to make changes to the coding of your blog.

We are highly disappointed with the customization feature of Blogger. It is a platform with limited features. You are allowed to do specific tasks with simple themes and minimal tools. We do agree that Blogger has some in-built gadgets for additional functionality but it is nothing as compared to WordPress.


Taking Care of Customer Assistance

Although WordPress is a very popular platform the customer support is still not available. There is one benefit of its popularity that there are WordPress communities created for the user’s help. They are quite informative. There are some hosting service providers like BlueHost that provide assistance.

Blogger doesn’t come with customer assistance. Although the most asked questions are included in the FAQ section and there are some guides available. With free service comes certain shortcomings and this is one of them. There are some forums that resolve queries but they are not as powerful as WordPress.



Both Blogger and WordPress are created for different types of users. Blogger is mainly targeted for the users who want to create their blog and start posting immediately. It is more useful for those who are just starting their blog and want to see whether people will be interested in their content or not.

WordPress, on the other hand, has multiple benefits including full customization. If you are sure about your blogging content and want to create a website with beautiful appearance and interesting options then go for WordPress. You just need to spend a bit on hosting and domain but in the long run, the platform is excellent.

If you have used both the platforms and want to share your experience then feel free to contact us through comments.