7 Best Plugins to Backup your WordPress Website!

WordPress offers one of the finest platforms for people to start their own blog. While posting articles and working on the design and SEO we often forget creating a backup. It is usually a forgotten issue, thus here we are with details about 7 best plugins to backup your WordPress website.

What if an update or code modification results in the loss of data of your website? The worst-case scenario would be if you install a plugin that deletes the data on your site. At that point in time, you will think that you should have backed up your data. It takes a lot of hard work to build a successful blog so be careful of such petty problems.

Creating a WordPress backup is the best decision you will take for your site. It keeps you ready for the worst-case scenario. After all, data is everything. There are multiple plugins to backup the WordPress website. Some of them will offer WordPress database backup while another will backup the complete site. You can schedule backups to be carried out automatically too. Here, we have shared the best plugins to make the task of choosing them easy for you.


7 Best Plugins to Backup Your WordPress Website!


#1: BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy was launched around 2010 and is still a leading backup plugin. It is a premium plugin that lakhs of people use to protect their website. With BackupBuddy WordPress plugin you can easily schedule backups on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It automatically stores backup to the cloud storage services.

You can choose from Amazon S3, Dropbox, FTP, Rackspace Cloud, and others. In case, you don’t have any of these services than simply email the data to yourself. Its ability to repair and optimize the data is amazing. Just purchase the plugin and get 1 GB of stash live storage free of cost.


#2: VaultPress

VaultPress is a plugin that comes straight from one of WordPress’s founder. That’s a plus point as he has all the information related to the platform. Initially, it was launched as a separate plugin but then it was added to JetPack. So you have to subscribe to JetPack in order to use VaultPress.

VaultPress has its own cloud system to store the backup. You need to click a button to restore the data of your WordPress site. There are multiple subscription plans offered by them. The higher plans mean added security features. For example, the basic plan offers only 30-days of backup storage.


#3: Duplicator

Duplicator is one of the most useful plugins owing to its multiple advantages. The plugin lets you create clones of your full WordPress website. You can use these copies for backup or relocation of the website to a new domain.

One of the advantages of using this plugin is that copies are made of the pre-configured sites too. So you won’t have to manually configure the themes and plugins again on the relocation of your site. It greatly reduces the headache of reworking.

You need a premium account for scheduling backups.


#4: BlogVault

If you are looking for a free plugin for your daily backup needs then you must go for BlogVault. It is much more than just a plugin. You can even call it software as a service solution. An automatic backup is performed for your website on a daily basis. You can manually create unlimited on-demand backups. It takes only a minute to set up backup.

It’s great that the plugin ensures storing incremental changes instead of performing the whole back up again. You can recover your website quite easily. In fact, the backup archive stores the data for about 90 days. If you go on and check the reviews you will find a positive response from the users.


#5: UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus is one of the first plugins you hear about while looking for backup options. It is quite popular amongst WordPress users. With millions of active users, we don’t think you need any other reason to trust it.

You can use both on-demand backups and scheduled backups. We highly recommend using the automatic upload option. So that your data is stored on Dropbox, S3 Rackspace, or any other cloud storage service.

For restoring a backup, use the WordPress admin panel directly. In case, you want to access services like migration, cloning, and more then opt for a premium plan.


#6: BackWPUp

BackWPUp is another backup plugin that works tremendously for WordPress users. You can create backups and store them on your system or cloud storage options.

If you opt for a premium version then only you are allowed to store the backup on Google Drive. The plugin performs optimization and repair of your database through automated backups. You can use this plugin easily as the whole backup process is just a click away.

If your site falls prey to hacking then you just need to import a zip file to restore it.


#7: Snapshot Pro

If you are still looking for an option to backup your WordPress site, Snapshot Pro is the one for you. It is a smart, ready on-demand, and automated plugin.

Once you install this plugin, it will securely store all the WordPress backup in its cloud vault. It provides 10 Gigabytes of cloud storage. There is a multisite backup option if you are using more than one site. Just one click and the backup will be done. For daily, weekly, and monthly backup plans you must switch to this plugin.

There is a free trial period offer for the ones who want to test it first.


Final Words

WordPress backup has become an essential need for all the bloggers out there. Everyone wants to secure their website and safeguard it from hackers or accidental data loss. The plugins offer easy storage of data along with quick restoration.

It took us quite a white to zero out on the plugins mentioned in the list. We have added both free and paid plugins so choose according to your budget. You must not miss out on this important phenomenon for securing your website data. All the plugins excel in providing backup. Some may offer better features based on their plans.

If you want to share your thoughts on the best plugins to backup your WordPress website, then leave your comments below. We would love to know about the reader’s choice out of these plugins.