7 Easy Tips on How to Increase Blog Traffic For Free!

When you start your blog the first thing you do is add content to the site. After that, the main focus is on driving traffic. But surprisingly, this the right approach. Don’t you think the work should begin the time you buy your domain? We know traffic is the lifeline of your online business but there are various factors that influence it. Anything you add is of no use until multiple visitors read your blog and even share it with others. Beginning with zero visitors and going to hundreds and thousands is not an easy task. Here, we have shared some tips for you on how to increase blog traffic for free. If you are going to implement them correctly, your blog will reach great heights outmatching your competitors.


How To Increase Blog Traffic For Free!


Tip #1: Keyword Research Is The Key

Before considering your knowledge on a specific topic, it’s important to know whether people are looking for that topic or not. Before adding the content make sure you fully research keywords.

There are various tools available online that will help you in doing the same. For instance, you can consider using Moz’s keyword explorer or Ahrefs. Check the number of people searching the keyword and the competition you need to outmatch to rank your content. Always go for a keyword with less competition as it will show results in less time.

Make sure you use the focus keyword multiple times in your blog. It could be for the headline, image alt tags, content, anchor text or anything else.


Tip #2: Publish Content Regularly

Once you are ready with the right set of keywords for your blog, its important to publish content frequently. You must publish high-quality original content as search engines love quality content and it will drive more traffic to your blog.

If you want visitors to revisit your page then your blog should be ready with more content. If the user likes your blog then he/she will share it with others that will increase blog traffic.

Also, search engines like keeping their users updated with the latest information so the content that is more recent will get a chance to rank higher.


Tip #3: Social Media Is A Boon

Social media is like a free blog traffic generator for you. These days people spend most of their time on social media platforms. You just have to create a social media account and share your posts with interesting headlines.

Although paid promotions will drive more traffic, here we are discussing free modes of driving traffic.

For more visibility, make use of hashtags that are related to your keyword. Also, make sure you share your post on all social media platforms at different times of the day. Make use of features like the story, video, and image posts.


Tip #4: Use Catchy Headlines

When someone looks for content online the first thing they read in the search results is the headline. If your blog has a catchy headline that will grab the visitor’s attention then the user will definitely click on it.

You must monitor your competitors to learn the way they are framing titles. The best headline is one that triggers an emotional response in the visitor.

Also, make sure you include the focus keyword for better rankings. Once the user clicks on the headline, the quality content will do the job. Make sure this doesn’t stick to one article.

The related posts that are visible on the bottom or right must also use catchy headlines. This will further grab the user’s attention and he/she will go through multiple posts on your blog.


Tip #5: Video Integration Goes a Long Way

Images and videos are one of the best mediums to showcase your blog. That’s one of the reasons why Instagram has been a success. There is nothing better than video-based content.

Along with sharing your content, you must make a video of the topic you are writing on. YouTube is a free video platform that you can use to post tutorials related to your blog post. Videos are engaging and you can immediately see the result. In fact, you can add a link to your blog to it so that your blog gets a boost.


Tip #6: Forum Marketing

Budding bloggers often neglect forum marketing as they are not aware of the benefits associated with it.

There are a lot of people who are interested in forum discussions and blogs and if you can grab their attention then there is nothing better than it. It is the best option with effective results and engaging audiences.

Make sure you create an interesting forum signature for your account. It will give the visitor an idea about you and your blog. Be direct while describing your blog so that users trust you. Also, don’t add multiple links to drive more traffic as it will confuse readers.


Tip #7: Guest Posting Has A Significant Impact

If you master the art of link building there is nothing better than that. Guest posting is another interesting way of linking back to your site from a domain with high DR. It involves posting content on another blog is the return of a link to your blog.

Some bloggers offer this service free of cost as everyone needs high-quality content on their site. So search for the websites and look for their official email. Shortlist the ones you feel will accept your guest post request and send an email for the same.

Do share a sample of your work so that it’s easy for them to decide. Sending an email to multiple editors is a tedious task but the result is fruitful.


Final Verdict

Driving blog traffic will not work in just one day. Patience is everything when it comes to driving blog traffic. You have to regularly implement these steps on your blog to see the results. If you are thinking that sharing your post on social media for a day or two will do the work then it will not do the trick for you. People are working day and night to reach greater heights. If you are not interested in investing money then invest time. These steps on how to increase blog traffic for free are definitely going to work for you. Do share your blog traffic updates if these tips work for you!