A Comprehensive List of 7 Top Keyword Research Tools

If you are looking for the top keyword research tools then you might be planning to start your own blog. We all know that starting a blog is not easy. There is a lot of effort that goes into this process. From designing the website to writing and posting content. For every blog, content is its hero. So if you are not spending enough time on keyword research then you might fail. By using keyword research tools in the beginning, you are making sure that a nice base is ready for your blog. There are multiple effective tools available in the market and we are going to share the best ones with you.


Top Keyword Research Tools


#1: Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Ahref is no doubt the best keyword research tool in the market. That’s why we have given it the first position in the list of keyword research tools. This keyword research tool provides a detailed report to the user and they can learn various aspects related to the SEO through this tool.

You can find more than 1000 keyword suggestions and find the accurate keyword difficulty score. That’s the reason multiple countries support it. If you just want to try out research tools then make use of its trial plan for 7 days. A week is enough for you to decide whether you want to go with its monthly or annual plan.


#2: Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is another option that you can rely on. If you have trust issues regarding the tools then you can definitely trust Google Keyword Planner.

It is a product of Google and you are planning to rank on it so that makes for a perfect combination. The results directly come from Google so they integrate well and provide amazing support to AdSense monetization. It is completely a free tool yet gives excellent results.


#3: SEOCockpit

SEOCockpit is a keyword research tool specially designed for professionals. It stands out from others in the types of built-in features it has. It gives you in-depth information on the organic competition, search trends, and traffic estimates. We are not saying that freshers cannot use it but we personally felt it will make greater sense for SEO professionals.

You can create a set of projects around keywords. It uses the criterion like first-page competition and monthly search volume. This gives you an idea that whether the keyword is overall a great choice for you or not.


#4: KWFinder

If you are looking for a powerful tool that is also easy to use, then KWFinder is an apt choice for you. In no time, this tool became one of the most popular keyword research tools. It offers an easy to navigate interface to the user. You can find keywords in any language and that’s truly amazing. Along with keyword suggestions, you can take the benefit of the SERP overview. You can use filters to further refine the list of keyword suggestions.


#5: SerpStat

Serpstat is truly an amazing SEO software suite with multiple tools. You can make use of keyword research, SERP analysis, website analytics, rank tracker, backlink analysis, and website audit features. So it’s a one-stop solution for the entire streamline of SEO. The competitor graph feature makes it easy for you to track your competition. The depiction is in the form of bubbles. The bigger bubble implies high competition so you must move to another keyword.


#6: Majestic

Majestic is one tool that maps the web to deliver the link intelligence data that you need for dominating the market. It provides you with a fresh index that sums up everything they have found in the past 120 days.

In fact, it displays the lost and deleted links too. You can check historic data that goes back to five years. That’s a huge database for one to analyze a website. It doesn’t even require programming to export the best links to any website. A simple excel is what is takes to save data. With generous data allowances it is a perfect research tool for any level of user. A single toolkit with all the SEO features is hard to find. So you must definitely try this one.


#7: SpyFu

SpyFu is an interesting choice for those who want to analyze their competitor’s SEO strategies. You just need to enter a keyword in the search box and it will offer you a lot of useful data. If you want to know about the domains that ruled the rankings in the past then you can use the advanced insights. If you are planning to target a specific device like mobile or desktop, it gives traditional stats on it too. With this single research tool, you will get access to both SEO and PPC metrics. To confirm that the results are valid, just view the screenshot of every search engine results page.


Final Words

We do believe keyword research tools are extremely important for people working on their SEO skills or their blog. You have to make sure that you start with the best. You cannot always rely on free tools for accurate data. After paying a small amount you get so many advantages that multiple free tools users are not getting. We especially love ahref as it is one of the oldest tools that is still running high due to various updates and the best user experience. The interface is easy to use and results are trustworthy.

We didn’t want to elongate this article by adding tons of options as it will further make it difficult for you to choose the best one. The list comprises all the top keyword research tools that we have come across and that truly helps us grow. In any case, if you find it difficult to shortlist even from this one then contact us with your doubts. We will help you in any way possible and you just need to add a query through the comment section. In case, you want to share your experience with any of these tools then feel free to share it with us.