7 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO

The growth of the digital landscape has highlighted the importance of search engine optimization. As businesses of all kinds compete to stay at the top in the digital realm, there is a need to create content which keeps the business at the top of search results, resulting in higher traffic and conversion. For this, keyword research tools are vital.

By understanding which keywords people search for the most related to any business, a keyword research tool helps in the creation of pertinent listings, blogs, and other forms of content which helps improve SERP ranking.


Advantages Of Keyword Research Tools

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the bedrock foundation for improved content creation which helps every kind of business grow online.

SEO rests on keyword research and implementation.

As such, software or platforms for strategic keyword research are helpful.

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Some of the key advantages offered by these tools include the following:

  • Keyword Analysis: The basic function upon which keyword research tools are built is analysis of keywords. This means that the tools assess every keyword against factors like search volume, competition with other similar keywords, as well as related keywords which people search for in relation to the base keyword. The analysis helps in the creation of a thorough list of keywords related to any topic. These lists are typically arranged in descending order based on the search volume. Moreover, the listings can also be filtered as per search volume in specific regions.
  • Improved Content Creation: Since the keywords are arranged in a descending order from the most popular to the least, creation of any kind of content becomes a little more simple. Writers and creators of such content can better plan the content structure and direction to best include the keywords throughout. As the keywords can be filtered as per the search volume in particular areas, the target audience can be understood better, further enhancing efforts of creating engaging content that helps a website rank higher on SERPs.
  • Attracting Target Audience: If your product or service is typically such that it interests a niche audience, content optimization with the help of keyword research tools is of tremendous advantage. For example, if there are peculiar terms or phrases which only pertain to your particular field, finding the most used terms and phrases (also known as long-tail keywords) which your potential audience is likely to search for, helps in the creation of relevant content streams.
  • Evolving with User Behavior: The only thing consistent about user behavior is that it is dynamic. As user behaviors change and evolve, businesses need to keep up with the changes in order to ensure that their content stays relevant. Since keyword research tools conduct keyword analysis continuously, they help you stay up-to-date with the changing user behaviors, which not only helps in developing relevant content, but also help modify product strategy, marketing initiatives and more.
  • Content Strategy: Content strategy is an essential element driving business success today. Keyword research tools help in refining content strategy by helping businesses determine performance metrics, see results of their SEO initiatives and tactics, and effectively modify approach.


Top 7 Keyword Research Tools

Although there are a number of keyword research tools on the market, choosing the right one can effectively impact your business’s overall success.

When trying to identify the right tools, there are various factors to consider which may vary for every company.

However, the following 7 tools are widely acclaimed as the best ones.

  • Semrush: Semrush is the most reliable and popular keyword research tool currently. It is an integrated platform which offers excellent features such as organic search volume, site auditing capabilities, keyword difficulty insights, backlink analysis, competitor analysis, and more. The platform acts as an all-in-one platform for advanced SEO practices and improved digital marketing as well as content strategizing practices.
  • Google Search Console: The Google Search Console is a free service by Google for monitoring the performance of keywords in content. The impact that keyword usage creates in website content can be effectively measured with this platform. With the help of the search console, website owners can efficiently assess factors like site errors, security health, search traffic, and more. This helps enhance the click-through rate, thereby improving website performance.
  • Ahrefs: Quite like Semrush and Google Search Console, Ahrefs, another very popular keyword research tool offers comprehensive keyword research features. Functions like searching ideas for keywords, competitor analysis, tracking keyword rankings, analysis of backlinks, as well as robust SEO analysis have made this platform extremely popular.
  • Moz Keyword Explorer: Developed by Moz, the Moz Keyword Explorer offers advanced functionalities such as keyword search volume, keyword difficulty, as well as keyword opportunity. A standout feature is its insight into SERP analysis. This feature is unique as it offers detailed information about how a keyword can be utilized in content to rank high on SERPs.
  • Google Keyword Planner: If searching for a free tool, the Google Keyword Planner is the ideal choice. Powered by Google Ads, this tool helps in assessing keyword search volume, trends, as well as competition. It also helps by forecasting potential keyword opportunities which helps create optimized content which can be relevant for a long time.
  • io: Another tool for businesses looking for long-tail keywords is the KeywordTool.io. This tool is also helpful as it analyzes multiple platforms like Google, Bing, etc., to identify top ranking keywords.
  • Keywords Everywhere: Unlike a regular tool, this keyword research platform is a browser extension which offers a significant amount of data for keywords like search volume, competitor analysis and CPC. This is highly recommended for getting detailed insights about SERP rankings.

In the pool of tens and hundreds of SEO keyword research tools, the above mentioned seven stand out as the most pertinent ones.

With diverse capabilities, these platforms offer something unique to website and content creators, making them the most reliable in the lot.

For businesses looking to create exceptional content which puts the website on the top of SERP results, using any of these platforms can be very effective.