How to Create a Coupon Pop-up in WordPress in 5 Easy Steps!

Online stores have made it convenient for us to buy stuff online. If you are an online store owner then you would probably need coupons to boost sales on your site. Do you use WordPress and don’t know about the actual process of coupon pop-up creation? There are multiple ways by which you can add a coupon pop-up to your site but we will show you the best one. Learn how to create your coupon pop-up in WordPress through this article in the simplest way.


Why Is a Coupon Pop-Up Necessary?

Established site owners know that offering a discount on products via coupon is a powerful way of enticing them for a purchase. In other words, Business owners have been using this trick of offering coupon code for years now. It has time and again proved to be the best way of selling their products in large numbers. That’s why whether you or an old business owner or a newbie, you must add this feature to your website.

You can take your own example. If you visit an online store and it offers a coupon code that reduces the price of products to half, won’t you purchase it? You will definitely buy one or two products. Who doesn’t like saving money? We all do. In fact, you can recover abandoned cart sales with this single option.


Learn How To Create a Coupon Pop-up In WordPress

We find OptinMonster an apt choice to create coupon pop-up in WordPress, so we will proceed with the same. With its launch in 2013, the plugin has been garnering a positive response. There are over 1 million websites that use this plugin and they are raving about its benefits.


#1: Registration:

Begin by registering on the OptinMonster website and installing its plugin. This plugin is the key to your website’s success. It acts as a connector to your website. After activation, you must click on the OptinMonster menu on your WordPress dashboard.


#2: Choose the type of campaign:

Now, login to the OptinMonster dashboard and click on the “Create New Campaign” button. You can choose from different options like the fullscreen, floating bar, inline, floating bar, and pop-up. You must choose a Pop-up for the campaign type.


#3: Choose a template for your coupon popup:

The plugin offers a range of templates that you can use to create a pop-up. There are multiple color schemes, layouts, design, and other changes to give you a broad range. In case, you want to directly select a coupon template then it is also available. Click on “Use Template”.


#4: Now add the details:

After that, you will be taken to the page that prompts you to add your pop-up’s name. Enter a suitable name and your website’s details. Next, click on start building.


#5: Let’s get creative:

It’s time to customize the template according to your needs. The process is simple with its drag and drop feature. You can change the color, text, and design of the coupon as per your wish.

Let’s begin with the text element. Choose the text element by clicking on it. After that, a separate section will open that will facilitate editing. Change the text color and style. It will simultaneously update the changes on the pop-up.

For changing the background overlay you must go to Optin settings and click on Optin View Styles. It’s the color that appears on the background of your popup. You can even add an image so fully customize the popup according to your site. Similarly, choose borders, color, width, style, and more.

Once you complete the editing process, you can save the changes.


Is there A Process To Deliver The Coupon Code?

Once the pop-up is ready, its time to decide how you will deliver the coupon. Go to OptinMonster’s Success view and send it via email newsletter. This one is quite successful as even if they miss out on the code on the website, he or she can view it through the newsletter.

You must click on the button in your template. It will open a setting for choosing the action it will take after a user clicks on it. Here, you will make a setting to send coupon code in the form of a newsletter.

OptinMonster needs access to your email list for this. Here, you must integrate the campaign with your email marketing service. Once the integration is complete, you can set an automated email that goes out after a user signs up on your website through coupon popup.

In case, you don’t know about integration then you can check the integration tab in the campaign. Depending on the final integration with your email marketing service, you can make use of options that appear on your screen.

If you are happy with the coupon popup then immediately save and publish it. On the top of your page, there is a toggle. You must use it to make the campaign live on your website. It will give you a set of options and you must choose WordPress in it. That’s the only thing you need to do.


Creating A Coupon Wheel

If you don’t want to set a single coupon then you can make use of spin the wheel option. It displays a wheel that spins on the user’s action. It is a sort of mini-game that visitors can play to win amazing discounts.

There are already a few ‘spin to win’ templates so you can simply use them. The various section of the wheel includes options like 30% off, free trial, free gift, and more. Just create a campaign from scratch. This time you need to select a full screen.

After that, scroll down and select from a bunch of templates. Add the details just as the coupon pop-up. Next, edit different aspects of the wheel, like color and text. After some editing here and there you must publish the spin to win coupon wheel.


Final Words

Coupon code pop-ups have become a necessity for the site owners. You have to work smartly if you are planning to sell multiple products in a day. All the visitors are not rich and people simply love discounts. If you offer them something interesting at an affordable rate then they will love to take advantage of it. There are multiple plugins like OptinMonster but we personally like this one. If you face difficulty while using this one then feel free to contact us. We will resolve your issues regarding Coupon popups in minimal possible time.