How to Make Money by Blogging for Beginners

Are you just getting started with blogging? Are you looking for ideas on how to make money by blogging? For beginners, it is quite tough as they are not aware of all the options they can explore. Blogging is definitely a good idea whether you are planning to do it full time or part-time. Obviously, the results will vary based on your efforts. The digital platform has emerged as a great earning source of plenty of people out there. If you know the basics of SEO and a few details on blogging then you can start earning now.

The sole purpose of the article is to help you understand the various ways of money-making with blogs. There are some mistakes that the beginners do while starting their blogs and we don’t want that to be your case. So we will guide through a series of methods that really work for beginners.

Types Of Ways To Make Money by Blogging


Google AdSense Makes Sense

Google AdSense has been one of the fastest ways of earning money for beginners. Did you ever notice an ad displayed around an article? If you haven’t, just search for something and open an article. You will see the ads.

All you need to do is add Google AdSense to your blog. Once the setup is complete ads will start showing up. If the visitor visits your site and clicks the ad, you get a certain percentage of money. Isn’t it great? You won’t have to search for ads to display them. Leave the whole task with Google. If your site drives more traffic the chances of ad clicks increase.

So start a blog and the first thing you do is adding Google AdSense to it.


Create E-books And Sell Them

With everything going digital, the readers are turning up to online information even more. While blogging you can even sell your Ebooks.

For example, your blog is about programming languages. Keep posting content to keep your readers hooked to your site. Once your blog reaches a certain level introduce your E-book. Offer them more in-depth information in the form of an E-book. Your loyal readers will definitely buy your E-book.

So along with blogging, you can start selling too. You can sell it at a lower price to reach more number of people. If your E-book is a success you can keep on adding more versions.


Affiliate Marketing And Blogging Can Go Hand In Hand

Yes, you read it right. Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways of earning money for a beginner. Suppose you start a blog on makeup products. Start reviewing them or sharing your top favorites. If you are an expert then add tutorials too. Instead of asking them to visit a nearby store use your affiliate link for a recommendation.

If they really like the product then they will definitely click the link to know more about it. Now, if they make a purchase of the same your job is done. You can choose from ClickBank, Pepperjam, FlexOffers, and other affiliate networks.


Start Online Courses

The tutoring medium has advanced. Gone are those days when people used to personally visit a tutor for study. Nowadays, people sit in the comfort of the home and learn anything about everything. If you master a skill it’s time to teach people by charging a certain amount.

For example, if you are good at painting or yoga then start blogging about it. Share some tips and tricks but don’t disclose everything for free. Soon, readers will start commenting as they want to learn it too. Just offer them an online course at 20-30 dollars. You can divide the course into different levels and charge for each level separately.

Another way of earning is through one on one coaching. Here, you are not going to share a recorded course. People can directly clear their queries and the learning process is more interactive.


Charge Money For Guest Posting

Do you really think bloggers direct you to a certain site free of cost? It is not the case. Once you start building your blog and you become popular, opportunities will come your way. People will reach out using your email id. They would request you to allow a guest post on your blog.

Now, in exchange for a blog post, you can ask for money. Trust us, if your blog is performing well you will earn as high as 100$ for each guest post.



Let’s just make it clear that making money from blogging is not an easy task. You cannot make money by blogging on just posting one or more articles. You have to concentrate on using the right keywords, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and more. Once your website starts building up you can implement multiple money-making methods on your blog. In fact, you can implement these methods in combination too.

For example, you start a blog on affiliate marketing but you are not getting sales right now. You can implement Google AdSense on your blog to start earning. Soon after the increase in the number of visits by buying customers your sales will increase too. So you can earn in both ways in a single blog. We are just trying to tell you that you don’t have to stick to a single method.

In blogging, your main focus should be on money-making but don’t forget about your blog. You have to keep posting real and unique content to drive more traffic. One of the silliest mistakes, the beginners make is to spend more time on designing. They believe good design will retain visitors. That’s absolutely incorrect. People are looking for content and relevant information so please focus on that. If you are just starting with your blog then try to keep it as simple as possible. Focus on quality content with meaningful, unbiased information.

We hope the information shared by us on how to make money by blogging is relevant to you. If you start money-making with your blog then share your experience with us. We would like to help more and more beginners.